Thackeray Partners Investment Approach

Investment approach

Thackeray seeks real estate investments that provide recurring current income distributions, as well as capital appreciation, in a diversified portfolio of assets. Our approach toward building this portfolio focuses on two primary methods.

Operating partners

Local operating partner relationships play a key role in Thackeray’s acquisition and asset management process. Deal structures vary based on asset returns and value-add component. Key attributes of operating partners include:

  • Ability to provide proprietary deal flow through off market or lightly marketed deals
  • Local knowledge and presence, providing value through due diligence, leasing, and property management
  • Execution and value creation at the local level, which is especially important on development or redevelopment assets

Direct Investment

Thackeray is also a buyer of industrial and rental housing properties on a direct basis.

For additional detail, please see our Investment Criteria.