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  • About Thackeray Partners
  • About thackeray partners

About Thackeray Partners

Thackeray Partners was formed in January 2005 by Mary Hager and Tony Dona to acquire and invest in a diversified portfolio of real estate investments on behalf of our partners. Mary and Tony spent 16 and 20 years respectively in the real estate industry prior to Thackeray’s formation and were instrumental in the management of a large real estate private equity business. Thackeray employs approximately 20 individuals, the vast majority of whom are full time real estate professionals.

Thackeray Partners invests in real estate through a series of private equity funds. Fund I began investing in 2005, Fund II in 2007, Fund III in 2012, Fund IV in 2015 and Fund V in 2018. Thackeray’s emphasis is on the acquisition of stabilized as well as value-add and development opportunities primarily in rental housing and industrial areas. The limited partners of Thackeray’s funds consist primarily of university and hospital endowments, charitable foundations, and U.S. based family offices.

Since inception, Thackeray has closed or committed to transactions totaling nearly $5 billion, representing equity placements of approximately $1.1 billion. Total investment activity includes over 200 separate transactions representing over 22,500 apartment units and nearly 19.5 million square feet of industrial space.

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